Sunday, January 19, 2014


One of the things I love about being here is getting immersed in so many different cultures. Sure America is called a melting pot of cultures, but that's just the problem, they've blended together to create one giant pot of American cultural stew. Here, the cultures have remained unique and fairly separated. 

In this past week alone, we got to experience several different cultures, most by expats like ourselves.

Last weekend, we had dinner with some Indian friends and afterwards watched Bollywood soap operas while our friend Henna painted henna tattoos on our arms. (how appropriate that her name is Henna!)

On Tuesday we had the day off for Mohamed's birthday (Sadly, Nigeria does not also celebrate MLK day, but at least we got a day of for someone's birthday). One of our South African friends invited us over for a swim and a braai (as they call a barbecue).

We celebrated a Lebanese friend's birthday last night with delicious kebabs, hummus, and baba ganoosh. I am in love with Lebanese food! While we were there, we learned to greet Lebanese style. They greet one another with three kisses, which they do when they enter and leave a place.

Sunday afternoon, we were invited to lunch with a family from our school. The husband is Lebanese and the wife is Filipino, so we had a mix of both cultures.

And finally, we experience the Nigerian culture yesterday when we visited a children's home.

On Sunday morning we visited to a different orphanage called Jesus Kids. We are at a crossroads whether to go back to the motherless children's home, or go to this new place. We love the kids at both places, but our reception at Jesus Kids was completely different. The matron welcomed us with open arms and hugs for all. The children here have special needs and they are lovingly looked after. We had joyous a time of worship, bible reading and playing with the kids. Everyone thanked us profusely for coming and you could see the joy emanating  from the matron as she took care of the kids. 

We had such a wonderful time and hope to return soon. 

You have said, "Seek my face."
My heart says to You,
Your face Lord, do I seek!
-Ps. 27:8

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