Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Birthday Parties

This past week I got to go to two of the most extravagant children's birthday parties that I have ever seen. The first one was for a 10 year old and the second for a 2 year old.

The ten year old is one of my 4th graders, a Nigerian student. I thought at first that her party was going to be at her house, but then realized that it was at "The Fun Factory," a party center with games and blow up castles and slides. I got to the party in typical Nigerian fashion, an hour and a half after the party was supposed to begin. When we got there things were in full swing. I could not believe how many people were present! There had to be at least a hundred people, if not more.

Tents were set up to eat under and the decorations included a 7 ft. banner wishing my student a happy birthday.

There was a DJ, several different catering companies, a face painter, a man dressed in a Scooby Doo costume(despite the heat index of around 102 degrees), and a clown directing different games for the kids.

 I've always been just a little bit creeped out by clowns, and one that has been under the direct sunlight for several hours with her face paint dripping down her face, is no exception.
A cute little girl I found wondering around the party. And I promise, she was smiling on my lap right up until this picture was taken when she realized her mom was behind me.
Most of these girls are students that go to our school.

The second party also had a clown. Imagine that. It must be "the thing" to do here. "Quick, honey, call the clowns, we're having a BIRTHDAY PARTY!"

This party was for one of our Lebanese students who's turning two. The entire party was tastefully decorated with a jungle theme. Jungle blow up animals and a beautiful jungle cake. Although it was located at the family's house, it was no less extravagant. No caterer, but the food had been brought in from Lagos.

The family also had several blow-up bouncy houses around the yard. There was a craft area for the little kids and jello shots for the adults.
Kika, my boss, Karen's grandson. 
And I'm holding her granddaughter, Momo. 

Going with the jungle theme, the mom had worked hard to make two beatiful pinatas, something that you can't just buy here.

The food was delicious and both parties a blast. 

And on a side note, I was not trying to dress like a clown, but the teachers and I did dress a little crazy today for April Fool's Day. Mismatched clothes and one side of my face was made up and the other was not. One side ponytail and the other a bun. 

Happy April Fools Day!

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