Friday, May 2, 2014

24 Hours Sports Marathon

Our school just hosted a 24 Hour Sports Marathon as a fundraiser to raise money to make our sports facilities better. They are hoping to put in showers for the students, as well as put in astro-turf on the soccer field.

One of the dads introduced the idea of a 24 hr. Sport Marathon because he had done something similar as a kid in a boarding school in the UK. In order to participate, students  had to sell raffle vouchers. Around 80 students from 4th-12th grade participated in the event and were broken up into 10 teams. 

The teams were able to compete in different events, either as a group or individually and it was our job as the teachers to help facilitate the event. Because many of the teachers have families, or live far away, the on-campus staff were chosen to help run the events throughout the night.

I was assigned to teach an aerobics class at 4:00 a.m. this morning. There's nothing like a good workout to wake you up in the middle of the night!

Enjoy the snapshots.

 Reine - One of my Lebanese 4th graders.

 Cheyanne- 5th grader from South Africa

 Lalolu- 5th
 Michael D.
 Anjola-4th Grade


 This kid is at least a foot taller than me, with the pink shirt and baloon I just thought it was too cute!

 The honorable commissioner from Oyo state gave the school 200,000 Naira for our school.
 Our "May Day" pole representing the different teams
Let the games begin

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