Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Right now I'm snug as a bug, curled up in bed  at grandma's house. The past 2 weeks have been an amazing and wonderful whirlwind of events.

The excitement started when I arrived have 5 days earlier than my family expected. After 40 hrs of traveling, I arrived sleepy to Greenville and spent the night with my goddaughter and her family. The next morning I surprised my mom in her classroom, by walking in with a birthday cake and singing happy birthday. The shocked look on her face was priceless!

Later, I also surprised my dad at his work asi came to pick him up so we could head to my brother's graduation. 

And the last big surprise was for Chris, my brother who was graduating with a second degree in nursing. Both he and I were nearly in tears, as well as several of the other nursing students. I was so excited that I could be there to see him graduate from none other than my alma-mater, AU!

The rest of my time here has been spent seeing friends, birthday parties,  concerts, Christmas parties,  traveling, beaches, playing with neices, snuggles, sleepovers, family and more. Right now I'm in a tough place of wondering, "why did I ever leave the people and places I love so much?"

And the answer is...  Does life ever come easy? Did Mary want to leave the family, friends and town she knew so well, when she was just about to have a baby? 

Did Joseph want to leave Bethlehem when he was just getting settled, so that he could take his family to a foreign land where his ancestors had been slaves generations prior? 

These weren't the first choice plans for their lives, but it WAS exactly what God had in mind. (He even sent angels to send the message) right now, the thought of not seeing my family for 6 more months makes me really sad, but I know it's God's plan for my life. 

God never promises that life will be easy, but he does promise to be faithfully by our side. I guess what I'm trying to say is thy if you saw snapshots of my life, maybe you'd think I had it all, but life is a struggle. Thankfully, today we celebrate the birth of the ONE who was perfect. And because if his perfect life and death I know that these difficulties are merely temporarily. Even on Christmas Day, the one day where we want everything to be perfect and everyone joyous, we still live with the weight of our sin. We look forward each year and hope for the perfect Christmas. Someday, I'll get to spend the ultimate Christmas where there is no more suffering. Thank you Jesus for coming and making that possible!

Merry Christmas and God bless you everyone!

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