Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Introducing...My Class!

Such a large part of what I do here in Nigeria revolves around my class, so let's get acquainted!

Don't be mislead, most days the kids wear what every other kid in the US wears, jeans and t-shirts, but this was a special occasion, so they wore their ethnic clothes.

Even I now have an onkara dress to wear!

So let me introduce the kids, starting with the girls...
Yuvasri: (pronounced something like you-wash-ree) from Indian and is such an incredibly sweet girl with a servants heart. She is always doing the small acts of service...the kind of things that no one pays attention to, like cleaning the board at the end of the day, or making sure the lights are out.
Tolu: short for Toluwanimi. Was born in London, but has grown up in Ibadan. Tolu is blessed with an amazing voice!
Subomi: (pronounced shu-bo-mee) she is fun-loving and always has great ideas.
Issraa: sweetest, quietest girl in my class. She came straight from Lebenon at the beginning of the year, and even though she struggles with the language, she's one of the hardest workers I have. Also, she loves to write poetry.
Tomi B: My sweet Tomi. She always starts the day with a hug and ends the day with a hug. Although she is Nigerian by blood, Tomi grew up in Italy and still struggles some with the language. Today, she was just voted as our class president!
Eli: (pronounced like Elly, short for Elizabeth) is half Nigerian and Half Japanese. She came last year to Nigeria to get to know her Nigerian roots and her dad's side of the family better. She is still learning English, but I know she'll learn it through the interaction with all of her friends.
Karen: sweet Karen. She's gentle and soft-spoken.
Favour: Favour is another sweet loving student. I know I've said that of all of them, but it's true, I have some pretty great kids!
Himanshu: is fun loving. He came from India several years ago and although he speaks well, he's still getting a handle onthe  English language.
Eni: (short for Enioluwafe) is the brain. He loves learning and is a joy to teach. He's new this year to the school and has been such a great fit.
Benji:(short for Benjamin) is South African who has been living in Nigeria for most of his life, however, he will be heading back to live in SA after Christmas. We'll be sad to see him go!
Tade:(short for Omitade) is best friends with Yoel. He might like to show his "tough guy" attitude, but he's also soft at heart.
Javeeth: is from India and has one of the most beautiful smiles that lights up a room(not sure why he's not smiling more in te picture). He is always kind and looks out for others
Yoel: is half Israeli and half Nigerian. Also another fun living student. As I said, he's best friends with Tade. Somehow the two of them are like magnets, no matter where I've placed their seats in the classroom, they always seem to gravitate towards each other.
Tomi A: Tomi is from Nigeria and an excellent student. I can always rely on Tomi to give an answer in class 

And that's my class!

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