Friday, August 30, 2013

A walk around ACA

Let me take you on a walking tour of my new abode... American Christian Academy.

Some things may be a little confusing, because some of the building connect with others and may look completely different depending on where you are coming from. I still don't know what everything is.

Ok, let's start from the very front. To get to the school, you first have to pass through the first gate, with an armed guard

Then you come to a small roundabout and our school.
There are two entrances from here, and another guard on duty 24-7.
If you go through the gate on the right hand side, you will arrive right in front of the auditorium. We will take a big circle, starting to the left. (To get to our house, you would go to the   right)
Te auditorium is on the right and you can see a bit of the preschool(bottom) and high school(top)
Before i head to see the school buildings, let's go through the the secret garden...
Well maybe not quite a secret garden, but this is the old house, and where the school first began. This will be the first year that no classes will be taught here. Karen and Equi used to live here, but now live in a house across the lawn
Their house is somewhere behind that car, on the other side of the fence.
So back to the first house, now it's mostly offices in the front and the cafeteria in the back. Equi's office is in the old garage to the left.
Oh hello little flower... You are very pretty, but slightly spiky. (Not sure why, but in my mind I am saying this in the same voice as the dad on Despicable Me)
Here's the cafeteria...or where it will be in a week.
And a school store/place to buy food... I think?
And a new bamboo fence that is being built to hide some things.
There's our guard and the gate from the inside.
Ok, now I'm back through the gate and this building holds all of the preschool on the lower level, and upstairs you have most of high school. 
As we walk around, the building on the right is going to be my art classroom, but right now it's being fixed up.
The building in front of my art classroom holds all of the classes 1st-6th, which is where my other classroom is!
I just want to show you this part of the railing. So many things are made out if rebar, the towel hanger in my bathroom, curtain rods sometimes, but check out how it's been sculpted into a beautiful design.
Ok, so we're continuing our walk around the buildings. I the left we have the house where the married couples live( one on the bottom floor and the other on the top)
The building to the left is the back of the auditorium and is also the school "bookstore" or where all the books are stored during the summer. 
Now you can see the door that goes to the bookstore. Also, the thing that looks like a bush in the center of the picture is the actually water container to our house and beyond it is the back door to our house. 

And the walkway 
Let's stop and stare at the drainage system for a minute...ew!
Oh hey there Lee Anne! What's for dinner??

And just so you can see, this is the front of our house. 
I apologize for the length, but I hope you enjoyed the picture tour of where I am!



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