Saturday, August 31, 2013


I welcomed the weekend, and the chance to rest just a bit before we start school next week. I have to say, of all the classrooms, mine look the worst right now. Both rooms are been worked on, and I haven't had the chance to go in and do anything. On top of that, the other day, I got sick. I'm not sure if it is allergies(mold and dust are everywhere, and happen to be the 2 things I'm most allergic to), or just a little cold. Please pray that this would be something that is passing, that I would heal soon and that it's not an ongoing problem here!

On another note, today we started out the day by making breakfast at Henni's house and invited one of the other South African families over.
After breakfast we did our Saturday food shopping, which consisted of, the markets, 3 "grocery stores" and 1 fruit stand. 
Fruit stand(Lee Anne is in the jeans and ball cap buying our fruits for our house)
I also found a bag of tapioca, which gave me a hankering for some tapioca pudding, so I got it and we'll see if it works!

 On random note, I just found out that tapioca actually comes from the starch from cassava root, which I've seen for sale here. You can also buy cassava flour and other things with cassava. It seems to be one of the staple starches here, in addition to rice.  Now I didn't think that I'd ever tasted cassava, until I also discovered another name for it is yuka root, which is served a lot in Puerto Rico. So I have in fact had cassava/yuka. 

Ok, one last picture, this is a view from the classroom beside mine. You can see the main road outside of our school and the shanty-type buildings beside the school.



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