Sunday, September 1, 2013

Processes and Procedures

Everything here seems to take just a little longer to do. In a way, it causes you to slow down the pace a bit.

The first couple of days I had a cold shower dripping of water from the faucet to bathe. That was until I found that if I wanted warm water, I needed to switch the hot water heater on, which is next door in Lee Anne's room. And if I want more than I trickle of water, I have to go to Gretchen's room, 2 doors down, to flip the switch for the water pump. I also have to make sure I turn both of them off after my shower, otherwise I'll blow the pump/burn it. 

Washing dishes also takes a bit longer.
First, you must heat up some water. 
Stack all of the dirty dishes
Put the dishpans in the sink
 The right side is for washing
And the left side for rinsing
Usually the water will be heated several times to get all of the dishes clean. 
In the end, you have a pile of clean dishes... It just takes a little longer.

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