Monday, September 2, 2013

Malaria Monday

Please don't read the title and think that I have malaria!! This is the phrase my housemates have come up with to remember to take their weekly anti-malarial. I'm still not sure if I will start taking the one their using, or continue with the one I brought from the states that I take every day. (I need I do some more research into the other medicine)

I also wrote this title because I have seen and killed more mosquitos today then any day that I've been here yet. Every time I see a mosquito, all I can think of is that bug may possibly be carrying the disease! Last night Ieft all if the windows open in my classroom, since they had just painted and it both smelled terrible and everything needed to dry. Unfortunately those pesky little malaria carrying bugs took it as an open invitation to have a party out of the rain. When I got to my classroom this morning, there were Mosquitos flying  everywhere. I have to say, I've gotten pretty good at swatting them!

Please pray for health(and no malaria while I'm here). Also pray for the new students that will be coming tomorrow for orientation. 

Go Bless,


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