Saturday, September 28, 2013

NEPA and Gen

Up until this weekend I thought that that I had four housemates Lee Anne, Gretchen, Meghan, and Sam. (More about them some other time) but today I became aware of the other two roommates that live here with us.

Since I've arrived, I've known of their existence, I just didn't know what a crucial role these unseen entities played in the way this house functions. 

Their names are NEPA and Gen and although they both reside here, they're never both here at the same time. NEPA is here the majority of the time, but still she comes and goes as she pleases, with no real rhyme or reason. When she goes out, then Gen sometimes comes out. 

It's amazing how when one or the other is around, I don't acknowledge or appreciate their existence. In fact, I don't even take a second thought to realize they exhist, that is until the minute they leave, then they're sorely missed. 

This morning, at 6 a.m. on the dot, I woke up to realize that both were gone. Immediately there was a quite and stillness that only comes when they are gone. No air, no lights, no hum from the internet box... just silence. The silence lasted till noon, when Gen decided to stop by for about a half of an hour, then leave once again. Just when I seemed to need them the most, They both ended up being completely unreliable today. 

It's crazy how crucial they are to our lives. We don't seem to be able to function without them. Thanks to the Nigerian voltage my computer now only works if it is plugged into an outlet at all times. It's no better than a toaster, plugging it in when I need a piece of toast. The battery's completely gone. 

On days like today, when lesson plans and grading are crucial for a smooth week ahead, I needed NEPA or Gen, but both were out for the day. Thanks a lot you two!

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