Monday, September 30, 2013


Several interesting things to note:

1. The city power, NEPA, is on strike, which means no power until after the national holiday. (Right now we're on Gen, but probably not for long. They've been turning it off around 2 am for the past few nights which = several sleepless nights for Liz)

2. Tomorrow is Nigerian Independence Day...53 years! 

3. No school tomorrow!! Yay for my first Nigerian holiday!

4. This classroom conversation:
Me: "Ok, we're going to talk about some artists today who lived during the renaissance. Does anyone know what the renaissance was or when it took place?"

Students: -blank stares

Me: "Ok, well how about this, who can tell me about the Middle Ages? You guys have heard of that haven't you?"

Student: "uhh, yeah I think I know...that was like during the 1980's or 90's wasn't it?"

Me: "Well, I was born in the '80's and I can tell you I wasn't born in the Middle Ages, that was a little earlier"

Student: "oh yeah, that's right, it was in the 1960's or maybe it was 1957 or something like that."

Oh dear, what are they teaching kids these days?

5. Today I visited the sightseeing spot in Ibadan, Bower's Tower. (A tower with a panoramic view of the city, which was erected during the British colonial period in the 1930's)
I have to say, I've climbed several towers and light houses in my life, but nothing quite as steep as this!

The panoramic view was nice and the fresh-non-polluted breeze was even better :)

My student Eli joined us for the trip

6. I heard "hey oibo!" More times than I can count on my ride to and from the tower

7. When I got home the Gen was out again, which meant the laundry I started had to be hung. 

8. I am sitting in AC right now and am not sweaty for the first time in a while. I am so thankful!



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