Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend snapshots

This past weekend did not end up being as restful as I would have liked. In fact it was just about as hectic as my week have been, but it was a nice change from the monotony of school.
It started Friday evening with a group of 15 girls from the discipleship group I'm helping lead, coming for a sleepover. 
We started with some baking...

....then later had a time of worship and prayer. 
I'm really excited for this upcoming year and getting to know them!

On Saturday, after grading papers all day, we once again went to the Nampack (SA) compound. 
The Nigerians seem to love Obama

Hennie's wife and daughters came in to town, so we had a great reason to celebrate with all of the internationals.
After an amazing dinner, we turned on the disco and had a dance!
Unfortunately my phone couldn't really take great pictures in the dark...
.. But there were some awesome lights and fun music!

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