Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Marketday

Saturdays we wake up and get our groceries for the week. This consists of no less than three stops, and sometimes up to five or six. Our first go to stop is Zenco's for some of our staples. (Occasionally we go to the closer stores within walking distance, such as Foodies or Wimpys. But these are slightly more expensive)

Then it's either off to the markets or to the fruit stand or possibly the vegetable stands. 
Today we had to get out a bit earlier, so that we could make it to the South African compound for lunch. 
The nice thing about going to the market is that there aren't many people out at 9:00am. There was, however, this adorable little goat!

I always enjoy going to the markets to see the sights. And talking about sights, several white girls walking through the markets sure do turn the yes of the locals.

So after shopping, we had a wonderful time fellowshipping with the S. Africans and a delicious meal prepared by Hennie's cook.
After lunch we got to hang out with some of the kids at the pool.
And of course the lovely marigold goddess-Lee Anne
So what does the SA compound look like??
Well, there's a small gym by the pool...

... And tennis courts...
And five or six houses
Oh, and also there are many lizards

Oh hello there, what kind of citrus plant are you?
Mmmm, yumm I think it's a tangerine!
Well, that was all the pictures I have from the SA compound, but check out the sky on the way home!

Before I go, I just have to share some cute pictures of my nieces...

I mean how cute are they?!?!! I love how much AG loves to see her Aunt Liz and how much they love each other!

I am so blessed!


  1. Glad to hear you are doing well. Looks like quite an adventure. I've enjoyed ready about it.

  2. Well that would be "enjoyed reading about it" lol