Sunday, August 25, 2013

Made it to Paris

My incredibly talented and amazing sister-in-law created these prayer cards for me!

Right now I'm sitting in the Paris Airport. The first leg of my travels is over, now I have yet another 7 hr flight with a couple of hours of driving before I make it to Ibadan. 

The reality that I'm going to be living in Nigeria hasn't really hit yet. Right now it feels like any other of my travels. I started counting te other day and this is the 7th time that I've gone through the Paris airport! I think I've been in this airport more times than any other! 

(Also, sort of a side note, right now I'm sitting next to one of my favorite places to go while in Paris, Laduree, for the most amazing Macarons ever!! I may possibly have to get several since its not every day you're in Paris)

Au Revior, I'll write more when I get to Nigeria!

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  1. Liz:
    Gods speed and prayers will be continually lifeted up for your safety and for your students.Remember that as crazy as folks may think this adventure is for you, God cannot be ignored and our part in all of this is prayer, prayer, and prayer. He listens. We just have to be diligent. Nathan Welch