Friday, November 15, 2013

from wet to dry

I have been told that we have left the wet season and it is now te beginnin of the dry season. What does this mean? Well, the temperature is going to get much hotter, as the sun no longer has clouds to hide behind. Also, the rain won't be coming to cool us again for the next several months. 

I have also been told that the dry season brings the critters. As the water dries up, the bugs and small animals come out to find a drink. 

This morning, one of my students prayed for safety from the wild beasts that come out during the dry season. My eyes obviously got big as I said, "wild beasts??" Evidentially the bush rats and other animals come out. 

So far I have only experience a lot more ants. I walked into my bathroom to find a colony settling in on the side of my tub and the top of my toilet. 

Today, something kind of crazy did happen. Yesterday, I forgot to take my vitamins and had left them on my dresser. I saw them last night before going to bed, and said to myself, oh I'll just remember to take them in the morning. When I woke up today, however, I only found my one small Claritin pill. The 2 probiotics and multivitamin had just disappeared. I thought, well maybe I took them in my sleep. I know I saw them, but where are they now??

Well I did some searching later and found a half chewed vitamin in the back of the dresser behind some things. With more investigation, I found the other ones, also have chewed and with droppings around. I don't think it's a mouse, the droppings are too small, but it could be cockroaches or something else. I can find any other signs. 

Oh dear.

On a high note, in just about 4 weeks from now, I'll be heading home to see my family and friends and give my neices big squeezes. There'll be party's for hosting and marshmallows for roasting...

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