Sunday, November 17, 2013

happy hat fete

Yesterday was our PTA's fundraiser. We also had our parent/teacher conferences after school on Thursday and Friday, but it was able to finish the conferences and check the festival before it ended. 

My sweet Hadassah.
Two of my 6th grade girls, Eli and Tomi.
Wonu-5th grade
More of my 6th grade grade girls, Favour, Tolu, and Tomi.
Demilade-5th grade

Tomi and her mother. They've lived in Italy for years, so we love sharing notes of different places we've been.
Demi and Anjola(in 4th grade)
The sweet little first grade princess...Razan
Another cute first grader...Agnes

Ah, my love...Jewel(4th grade) is such a sweet girl!
I definitely get my quota of hugs from this one!

Oh Lalolu
Ms. Sam and some of her first grade sweeties.
Michael D. sporting his mustache

And lastly my fourth grader, Enobong

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! 



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  1. Love the pics! So sweet. I have a feeling your walls will be covered in them.........