Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Nadi Town

We've been learning tools for sharing the gospel for the last several days, and today we got the chance to go out into the town and put them to use.

We were told to try to connect with people, and if there was an opening, then we could share with them. I've been a Christian as long as I can remember and have done multiple mission trips, but in all my 27 years, I've never actually gone out to talk about Jesus. I don't know why not. It was never encouraged. In youth group years ago, we were told to "lead by example" or the Augustine quote was thrown about. 

"Preach the gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words."

These are great things to do, but as a Christian, they should not be a way to fall behind actually sharing the gospel with others.

The first person I got to talk with today was a girl by the name of Shoshon. Like 80% of Fijians, she goes to a methodist church every week, but she didn't know who Christ is in her life. After sharing with her, we asked if she would really like to make him real and have a relationship with him and she said yes!

My prayer is that she has a complete heart change and that it changes the way she interacts with her family and friends! 

Afterwards, I stepped into a shop that I've been in several times and started talking with some of the Indian women working there. 

(Side note: There is a large population of Indians in Fiji due to the British colonizing the islands and bringing them over to work the sugar cane fields)

So as I talked with these women I didn't get to share the gospel much, but I got to ask them questions about themselves and their religion. I feel like it is the building blocks for some good discussions in the future.

Well, it's late and I've got a busy day ahead. Please continue to keep me and my team in your prayers.



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