Thursday, June 18, 2015

Puppy Love

Two of the training center dogs recently had litters, but unfortunately we don't know what happened to one of the litters. 

The poor mamma dog was full of milk, but had no puppies to give it to. She looked so sad and would try to go check on the other mamma dog and her puppies, but would be growled away. 

With 6 pups to feed and very little food, the mamma was nothing but skin and bones. She barely had enough to feed all of her babies. 

So we decided to take two of the puppies and give them to the other dog. 

It was amazing to see the change in this dog. She went from looking forlorn to being a protective mama as she immediately accepted them as her own. 

She won't let any of the dogs get close to them and gets anxious if one of us holds the puppies for too long. She's the most protective mama ever, even more protective of these two foster babies than the birth mom. 

It's beautiful to see. 


  (As the Australians would say, I was looking a bit "haggy" this morning) 

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