Thursday, June 18, 2015

We are one in the spirit

For the months leading up to the internship, we prayed for unity with the interns. Whenever multiple people come together, there's always the potential for dissensions within the group. 

So far we've only been together for three days, so I really can't say how the remainder of our time will be, but already I feel like I've known everyone for years. It's amazing how a bond can be created with a complete stranger because of the unification we have in Christ. On top of that, each of us are gathered for a similar purpose and common goal. 

It's as if overnight, I've been blessed with 18 new siblings!

That's not to say that we are all the same and live in perfect harmony. As we get to know each other we've been learning to celebrate those differences. For the past three days we've been taking personality tests to discover what strengths God has given us. Instead of just being intrinsically helpful, the tests have also been a way to quickly get to know each other's personalities. This has also been the perfect foundation for seeking God's call on our lives. 

I'personally beginning to understand how God has wired me so that I can use my strengths to be an impact for the world. 

For instance, I just learned that one of my top qualities is enjoying the challenge of meeting new people and trying to win them over. I'm drawn to strangers and want to get to know them. 
On my first day in Fiji, I passed by a house with multiple children in the front yard. I told Langdon that I wanted to get to know those kids, and sure enough, I've already had the chance to meet them. Today, I asked several of the other interns to join me and we spent the afternoon kicking a soccer ball around and playing frisbee. 

My prayer is that as the weeks progress our relationship with these kids would grow and we can develop a relationship with them as we share the gospel. 

Pray also that God would develop those strengths and that we can encourage each other in them. 



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