Friday, June 12, 2015

Taking things at a slower pace

Today, we're in Wollongong (pronounced least I think so, sometimes it's hard tell from the Aussie accents). 

It's a bit chilly out, so to get us warmed up for the day, we had steaming hot bowls of porridge, which come to find out is the same thing as oatmeal. "Porridge" sounds so much more sunstantial though, doesn't it?
(View from the house we're staying in)

To go along with the warm cereal, I had to try a slice of toast with Vegemite. Although I don't dislike it, I can't say it eould ever become a favorite of mine. It's a bit too salty for my liking. Think of beef bullion, then just take out the beef flavoring. Pretty much pure salt. 

After "brecky" we hopped in the car and visited Symbio Wildlife park to cuddle with koalas, feed kangaroos and hop with the wallabies. 
(It's hard to tell in this pictures, but there is a Joey with the mama)
Tasmanian devils(not to devilish looking)

Although I've seen these animals before, it's so much better getting up close and petting them in Australia!!

I think my new favorite animal(not sure if there's an old favorite) is the koala. They are just as cute and cuddly up close as they look. Their fur is is so soft!

And random little fact, although it looks like a teddy bear, the koala is actually  a marsupial, in other words, he's the cousin to the kangaroo and wallaby. They also have a little pouch they keep their young in. In fact, one of the koalas had a a little Joey and she was just old enough to start popping her head out. 

The kangaroos were so fun. I'd never noticed how much they look like oversized rabbits. 

They were quite friendly and let us pet them and get close. 

After the park, we took a ride along the small coastal towns and stopped for lunch at one of the cafes overlooking the ocean. 

Wollongong is one of the larger of these towns nestled between a range of mountains and the coast. 

After lunch, we returned home and have been snuggled under blankets enjoying a hot cup of tea. 

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